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About Us

Civil Design was founded in 1991 and is based in Santa Rosa, CA.  We specialize in providing civil engineering services for a broad variety of site improvements for public and private clients.  Our project design team has provided engineering services for a number of municipal and private projects within Sonoma County specializing in urban development.  The core business of Civil Design is road improvements, institutional and commercial developments, master planned multi-use and residential developments, with as many as four hundred units.  We have expertise in civil engineering for roadway design, site layout and community design.

Our company philosophy is that each project should be executed and managed with principal-level involvement from beginning to completion.  An efficient design team with consistent principal-level direction is the most effective method of maintaining high product standards.

Civil Design is committed to the preparation of plans and specifications of the highest technical quality.  The project starts with understanding our clients needs and goals. Communication with the client and design team is our focus throughout the project.

Civil Design has worked on numerous projects where we have been a part of the Architects design team.  Sharing electronic files with design team members builds efficiency into the project which serves our clients best interest.  Civil Design is committed to meeting project schedules while maintaining a quality product and providing cost effective solutions.